Born in Winnenden / Germany

Lived in Bad Bleiberg / Austria, Mannheim, Karlsruhe, Weymouth / Dorset / GB, Oldenburg,

Lives since 1995 in Berlin

Education / Art School Mannheim with Karl Rödel

1988-89 Journey through the Sahara and West Africa (Algeria, Niger, Togo, Burkina Faso)

1989 Glass studio Baarlink lead glazing Cloppenburg

1991-1993 Worked at the Staatstheater Oldenburg - Stage Design / 1992 Design and exhibition in the foyer

1998 - 2000 Studio in the former Belgian Embassy Berlin Jägerstraße 52-53/ Building of the Staatsicherheit (Stasi) DDR, various exhibitions (Visualia), with Belgian artists working there (supported by the Belgian Embassy Berlin)

2000 / 2002 Production of some props for a Nina Hagen music video, Design of the cover of a score by Peter Seabourne Composer

2002-2006 Design and realisation of several stage sets at the Schauspiel
Berlin. Idea and equipment of the press photos as well as poster drafts.
- American Night (F. Truffaut)
- Bartleby (H. Melville)
- Decalogue (K. Kieslovsky)
- Cul de Sac (R. Polansky)
- Never love again (S. Berg)

Solo and group exhibitions at home and abroad


since 2019 Member of GEDOK Berlin